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Lehmus Roastery

Marssitee - Licorice-Herbal Infusion


Marssitee - Lakritsi-yrttihauduke - Lehmus Roastery
Licorice-Herbal Infusion

Richness and gentle sweetness from authentic spices and herbs. Thanks to the stomach-friendly licorice root, Marssitee is a perfect choice as a dessert drink.

What kind of journey are we on?
"An herbal infusion with spicy licorice notes, and its aroma reminiscent of a nearby candy factory. The path leads towards the beach, offering a view of the vast Saimaa."

Ingredients: Aniseed, licorice root (26.5%), star anise, mallow flowers, spices

Brewing instruction: 100 degrees Celsius, 20-25 g/l or 4-5 tsp/l, 5-10 min

Weight: 80g


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