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Lehmus Roastery

Cafés, Restaurants, and Hotels

At Lehmus Roastery, coffee is roasted every day. Head Roaster Jussi Tyrisevä at work.


Do you want to offer your customers the best roasted coffee in Finland, prepared with high-quality coffee makers and espresso machines?

Well, that's possible!

Quality coffee is an attraction.

Café: Café Luovuus. Unique roasts as well as other coffees and teas from Lehmus Roastery


We believe that in every café, there should unequivocally be good coffee available. Our coffee is just that. Customers also appreciate it.

The role of the roastery in collaboration with the café is to roast such excellent coffee that the café's customers come back to enjoy it again and again – and eventually bring their friends to savor this taste experience! When combined with a delightful atmosphere, good customer service, and other tasty products, the recipe for success is complete. We are gladly involved in such projects!

High-quality coffee for restaurants – absolutely!

For restaurants too, it makes sense to choose excellent coffee to accompany skillfully prepared dishes. We have a solution for both lunch and the climax of dinner.

From our selection, you'll find excellent options for both dark and light filter coffees, as well as superb espressos. Additionally, we offer Limited and Top Shelf Collection coffees to add special flavor experiences to everyday life.

The crown of a hotel breakfast could also be good coffee.

Staying in a hotel is an experience and pleasure, complemented by a leisurely breakfast. Coffee enjoyed with breakfast can culminate in the entire visit. It's pleasant to check out with the taste of good coffee in your mouth, heading out for the day's adventures. If you want high-quality coffees and durable equipment for your hotel, get in touch!

Coffees and Coffee Equipment

From Lehmus Roastery's selection, we offer high-quality and varied coffees: among our district coffees, you'll find reliable dark bestsellers as well as berry and fruity light roasts. For special moments, our Limited series and Top Shelf Collection offer small-batch coffees with unique flavor experiences.

Through us, you can also get the necessary espresso machines, drip coffee makers, and automatic machines and grinders. With Bunn, Moccamaster, Faema, and Mazzer equipment, reliability and quality merge seamlessly with high-quality coffee.

Café: Roasberg Mikonkatu & Tripla, Helsinki

Café: Satamatie 6, Lehmus Roastery's own concept café. The café has been voted Finland's best café in 2018 and 2020

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