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Lehmus Roastery

Kahviautomaatti: Lehmus Roastery's monthly subscription 2x220g


Kahviautomaatti - Lehmus Roastery
Kahviautomaatti - Lehmus Roastery Kahviautomaatti - Lehmus Roastery Kahviautomaatti: Lehmus Roastery's monthly subscription 2x220g

In Lehmus Roastery's monthly subscription, you will receive 2x220g packs of Lehmus Roastery coffee delivered to your home once a month!

What kinds of coffee come from the machine?
Monthly subscriptions include our excellent basic selection of coffees, as well as rotating specialty roasts that you can't get anywhere else. Every third delivery cycle, we also surprise you with a limited edition small batch coffee.

In the same package, you won't receive two of the same coffees, and in consecutive months, you won't receive the same coffee pair.

What grind sizes can I choose?
You can choose between beans or filter ground. You can also modify this information for your subscription through your user account page at any time!

Do I need a customer account?
Yes! By registering on our online store, you can view your active monthly subscriptions through your user account, as well as modify existing information. When subscribing to a monthly service, please use the same email address as your customer account so that your orders appear here.

If you've subscribed to a monthly service without registering, don't worry! You can do this afterward: when registering, use the same email address you provided with your monthly subscription.

Payment Process:
The order requires credit card details because subsequent deliveries will be automatically charged to the credit card on the 2nd of each month. You can track the next delivery date through your customer account.

You can modify or add credit card information through your user account, under Payment Profiles. Or contacting us directly to

After the first delivery, you'll join our monthly delivery cycle! Orders are renewed on the 2nd of each month and dispatched a few days later. Our monthly subscription service is typically delivered as a letter package to your home address. If for some reason delivery isn't possible through your mailbox or there's another obstacle, the package will be delivered to the nearest postal office.

If you order something else along with your first monthly subscription, the first shipment will be delivered to the postal pickup point.

Note! If you order multiple monthly deliveries at once during checkout, these will be delivered to the nearest postal office from now on. So if you want multiple monthly deliveries directly to your home, please place separate orders.

When will I receive my first monthly subscription?
Shortly after placing your order. The coffee for new monthly subscribers will be dispatched during the next online store processing, which will be within a few days of your order.

After that, orders will follow the normal monthly rhythm, renewing on the 2nd of each month and dispatched shortly after.

Specifically: if you place an order from the 1st to the 19th of the month, you'll receive your first monthly delivery immediately and join the subscription for the following month.

If you place an order from the 20th to the 30th, you'll receive your first monthly delivery immediately, and the next one will be about a month later, once you're added to the subscription cycle.

How do I order Coffee Machine as a gift?
Place the order with your own billing details and email address, but select the gift recipient's address and contact information for delivery.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?
It's easy to do. We don't have cancellation periods; you can cancel your subscription anytime! So, if such a situation arises.

Cancellation can be done from your user account page: Customer Account --> Manage Subscriptions --> Manage Monthly Subscription --> Select active subscription --> "Cancel Monthly Subscription" button at the bottom of the page

Or by contacting our online store email:

Reactivating Coffee Machine Subscription
You can reactivate a previously canceled subscription through your customer account: Manage Subscriptions --> Inactive --> Reactivate

This way, we won't deliver the previously sent first coffee pair again, and you'll rejoin our delivery cycle! Payment will be charged on the next order processing day.

Alternatively, you can also place a completely new order from the subscription, and we'll deliver the first subscriber's coffees as usual.