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Lehmus Roastery

Golden cupping spoon


Golden cupping spoon
Golden cupping spoon Golden cupping spoon Golden cupping spoon Golden cupping spoon
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This is possibly the finest cupping spoon in the world. The cupping spoon, coated with real gold, is suitable for both everyday and sophisticated coffee tasting moments.

With Lehmus Roastery's cupping spoon, you can taste coffee with the same tools used at the best roastery in Finland. Manufactured in England and adorned with the Lehmus Roastery logo, these cupping spoons are perfect instruments for coffee tasting. The cup part of the spoon is 10mm deep and has a diameter of 41mm, allowing for the optimal amount of coffee.

The spoon itself is 150mm long with a suitable steep angle, allowing you to lift coffee from the cup in an optimal position. The spoon is lightweight yet sturdy and of high quality. Made of stainless steel, the spoons are silver-plated, and on top of the silver, a separate layer of genuine gold is coated. The Lehmus Roastery logo is engraved on the upper part of the handle.

The cupping spoons for Lehmus Roastery are crafted by William Wright Silverware, a luxury cutlery manufacturer based in England. In addition to Lehmus Roastery, they have the privilege to produce tableware for world-famous London hotels such as The Goring and The Ritz, as well as Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl in Doha