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Lehmus Roastery

Limited Leandro Santos Brasilia


Limited Leandro Santos Brasilia
Lehmus Roastery's Limited series coffees showcase small and particularly interesting coffee lots from different parts of the world.

Limited Mount Kerinci Indonesia is a coffee that we've had in our selection before. It comes from the tropical island of Sumatra and is produced by a community of 320 small-scale farmers, known as the Koerintji Barokah Bersama Cooperative. These farmers reside at the foot of Mount Kerinci on the island of Sumatra.

The coffee thrives in volcanic soil, and Mount Kerinci is part of the Ring of Fire volcanic chain in the Pacific Ocean. While the volcano is currently inactive, past eruptions have enriched the soil, yielding high-quality coffee.

In terms of flavors, we detected sweetness, hints of apple, and ripe peach. The coffee has a medium-bodied mouthfeel and a pleasantly lingering aftertaste.

ORIGIN: Indonesia
REGION: Sumatra
FARMER: Koerintji Barokah Bersama Cooperative
BEAN: Andung Sari and Sigarar Utang Arabica
PROCESSING: Anaerobic fermentation and sun-drying.
GROWTH ALTITUDE: 1400–1700 m
ROAST LEVEL: Optimal for flavors, falling somewhere between light and medium roast, approximately 2.5/5 in terms of intensity.

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