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Limited Nestor Lasso Kolumbia


Limited Nestor Lasso Kolumbia

Limited Nestor Lasso Colombia is a top-notch coffee that falls between light and medium roast, originating from the Pitalito region of Colombia, specifically from El Diviso farm.

Coffee at the farm is cultivated by Nestor Lasso, who is only 25 years old and represents the third generation of coffee growers. Lasso gained recognition as one of the hottest names in the coffee world after his coffee variety won the 2022 World Barista Championship. Since then, El Diviso coffees have gained global renown.

Last year, Lehmus Roastery also won the Year's Filter Coffee competition with coffee cultivated by Nestor Lasso.

Five years ago, Nestor and his brother Adrian took over the family farm. They decided to focus on specialty coffee quality and embarked on research and development with their coffees. Their goal was to prioritize high quality and move away from the basic coffee cultivation favored by previous generations.

This year's coffee has been grown at a high altitude of 1750 meters. It is a micro-lot of Ombligon Arabica variety, anaerobically fermented, offering flavors of fruity sweetness, grapefruit lemonade freshness, hints of chamomile, citrus fruits, and toffee.

The coffee has undergone a multi-stage anaerobic fermentation and hot water shock treatment. These processes result in complex aromas and the coffee evolves over time, revealing new flavors. At the roastery, we've preserved coffee over five weeks old, and the flavors continue to develop. Therefore, it's recommended to taste the coffee both freshly roasted and after it has aged for several weeks.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Pitalito, Huila
Farmer: Nestor Lasso
Farm: El Diviso
Variety: Ombligon Arabica
Growth Altitude: 1750 m
Processing: Anaerobic fermentation and heat shock treatment
Roast Level: Optimal for flavors, approximately 2.5/5

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