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Lehmus Roastery

Myllysaari - Light roast


Vaaleapaahtoinen kahvi - Myllysaari - Lehmus Roastery
Coffee for a laid-back surfing experience in the beach waves of the big city. The flavor is as fresh as the summer breeze blowing from Lake Saimaa, with the scent carrying the crispness of a beach volleyball game.

This light and citrusy coffee are perfect for awakening on a beautiful summer morning or providing a boost in the midst of the waves of everyday life. Hola!

Roast level: 2/5
Fullness: 2.5/5
Acidity: 4/5

Taste profile: Refreshing and sweet mouthfeel, with notes of stony fruits, lively acidity, and a hint of black tea softness. A classic Ethiopian high-quality coffee.

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe, Kochere
Beans: Heirloom Ethiopian varieties
Processing: Washed
Growing altitude: 1795–1900 masl


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