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Lehmus Roastery

Piia Keto X Lehmus Roastery - coffee mug


Kahvimuki - Piia Keto - Lehmus Roastery
Kahvimuki - Piia Keto - Lehmus Roastery Kahvimuki - Pakkaus - Piia Keto - Lehmus Roastery
Lehmus Roastery-themed coffee mug

Designed by Piia Keto, these unique domestically produced mugs now add a touch of freshness to our roastery café. They are also available for sale in a limited quantity.

The coffee mug is named 'Kadulla' (On the Street). "Having coffee is often about observing. Sometimes it's sipping coffee from a thermos in the midst of nature, and sometimes it's in a cafe, watching the hustle and bustle of the city," describes Piia Keto about her illustration.

Piia Keto is a Helsinki-based illustrator who has worked for various clients, including Lehmus Roastery, Arabia, Fazer, and Paulig, to name a few.

The mugs are of a large size, holding approximately 3.5 deciliters. The mug comes pre-packaged in a thin cardboard box