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Lehmus Roastery

Sysimusta - Very dark roasted


Sysimusta - Tummapaahtoinen kahvi - Suomen tummin kahvi - Lehmus Roastery
Would you like to have so dark roasted coffee that our roaster wouldn't even want to roast it?

This VERY dark roasted coffee is born when the roasting process goes on for too long, for one reason or another. Whether it's the last roast of the week with eyes already on the weekend, or something else has happened to make the roast darker than intended: Sysimusta is a reality.

It's also a favorite for many: this dark of a coffee is not usually available in any roastery's selection. This excessively dark coffee offers an ashy dark flavor experience for all those who love completely roasted coffee. Order at your own risk.

Limited edition.

Taste notes: Burnt popcorn, ash, dryness

100% Arabica blend

Roast level: 6/5
Fullness: 6/5

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