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Wilfa Performance Compact


Wilfa Performance Compact -kahvinkeitin

Wilfa's latest model of coffee makers is designed to take up as little space in your kitchen as possible while maintaining the renowned Wilfa level of performance and coffee flavor.

What makes this coffee maker special in our opinion?

  • Removable water tank, easy to fill under the tap. The water tank is marked with coffee grams and liters of water, making it easy to measure the right amount of coffee according to the water volume.

  • Water pump system ensures no water is left inside the coffee maker; all water is pumped out. The result is always fresh water and high-quality coffee.

  • The water temperature quickly rises to the desired 92 degrees and remains there throughout the brewing process. This ensures optimal extraction of coffee even if you're brewing just one cup.

  • Stylish design: colors, materials, jug design made from a single material, and a space-saving design.

Color: Black Model: CM8B-A100 Capacity: 1 L Dimensions: 20x22cm The warming plate automatically shuts off after 40 minutes. Five-year manufacturer's warranty.